About Us


We first moved to North Dakota...

We first moved to North Dakota late in the oil boom, looking for job opportunities. We worked all over—in the oil field, at Wal Mart, the court house, etc.

When we got here, we couldn't find any of the food and health items we'd grown accustom to. We had to travel to Minnesota or to find African food or ask our friends in New York to ship it to us.

Eventually, we realized all of our friends needed African and Caribbean goods as well, so we bought items in bulk. Word spread and the entire community came to us, from Minot, Dickinson, and other parts of the region, all looking for the same groceries and goods we needed.

The opportunity arose for us to lease our own storefront and we jumped at it. Now the Williston African and Caribbean Market is open for business, bringing the comforts of home to all of western North Dakota!